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Golden Man or Moonshine Mirage? Skepticism Over Local Sighting

Question Mark's 'Golden Man' sighting chalked up to moonshine effects by skeptical police chief, dividing town opinion.

By Theodore Johnson | July 13, 1932

In Question Mark, Ohio, a tale that seems more fiction than fact is dividing the town. Following reports of a mysterious flash of light and a 'Golden Man' in the woods, skepticism is growing, with some residents dismissing it as a moonshine-induced illusion.

Police Chief Thomas Bradley weighed in on the matter with a wry observation. "In my experience, a flash of light in the woods and visions of golden figures are more likely the work of moonshine than any supernatural occurrence," he commented, referencing the known moonshine distillery hidden in the area. "Folks tend to see all sorts of things after a visit there."

This pragmatic explanation has only added fuel to the debate. While some nod in agreement with the sheriff, others remain convinced that something extraordinary happened. As the story of the 'Golden Man' spreads, it continues to be a topic of speculation and humor, with the truth seemingly as elusive as the mysterious figure itself.

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