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Eclipse Unveils Mysterious Gathering

Police Chief Thomas Bradley reports an eerie encounter with hooded figures in the woods during the recent total eclipse.

By Theodore Johnson | April 23, 1940

In a chilling account that sounds more like a scene from a mystery novel, Police Chief Thomas Bradley reported encountering a group of seven hooded figures in the woods during yesterday's total eclipse, Oct. 2, 1940. When Bradley attempted to confront the group, the masked figures quickly scattered. The strange assembly, described by Bradley as engaged in what appeared to be a cryptic ritual, has stirred both concern and curiosity among the residents of Question Mark, Ohio.

Bradley, known for his level-headedness, recounted the figures standing in a circle, one holding a book while others murmured in an unrecognizable language. "I have heard tell of secret societies and sects, but this was the first time I came across one in our own town," said the Chief.

While there's no immediate explanation for the gathering, it has sparked a flurry of speculation. Could this be a clandestine society long-hidden within our community, or merely a group of enthusiasts embracing the mystique of the eclipse? The police department is looking into the matter, but as of now, the identity and intentions of these figures remain a mystery, shrouded as much in shadow as the event that brought them to light.

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