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Unidentified Light in Question Mark Woods Stirs UFO Speculation

A mysterious light observed in the woods of Question Mark last night has residents drawing parallels to the recent incident in Roswell, New Mexico.

By Cord Stephens | July 15, 1947

Last night, residents reported witnessing a strange light in the woods, sparking immediate speculation and comparisons to the recent Roswell incident that has recently captivated the nation's attention.

Local resident and self-proclaimed UFO enthusiast Heywood Miller shared his excitement: "What we saw last night was no ordinary light. It had an otherworldly glow to it. Given the recent events in Roswell, it's hard not to think we might have had our own close encounter here in Question Mark."

However, Police Chief Thomas Bradley offered a more grounded explanation, aiming to temper the growing UFO hysteria. "I understand people are on edge with all this talk about flying saucers, but let's not jump to conclusions. It was most likely a weather balloon or some other kind of explainable phenomenon. We see these kinds of things from time to time," he said. “I know I’m not a scientist but perhaps it has something to do with the sulfur lake?”

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