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Question Mark Battles Polio Outbreak

Youth at risk, healthcare and schools under pressure.

By Sarah Jennings | June 20, 1944

Question Mark, Ohio, is currently in the throes of a challenging polio outbreak, with a notable impact on its younger population. The healthcare system is strained, with medical staff, including paramedics, providing critical care. Davis Miller, a local doctor, remarked, "We're experiencing an increase in polio cases, predominantly among children. Our teams are working tirelessly to offer the best possible care in these difficult conditions."

Schools in the area, including Question Mark Elementary, have closed as a precaution. Principal Margaret Clark commented, "Our students' safety is paramount. We've suspended classes and are closely coordinating with health officials to assess the situation."

However, not all residents are convinced of the outbreak's severity. Local resident Frank Hobson expressed skepticism, saying, "I believe this polio scare is an exaggeration, possibly a German hoax to distract us from the war. Just like rumor of the golden man wandering the woods. Our community should focus on real issues, not these unfounded fears."

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