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Missing Boy Returns After Three Years

Three years after his disappearance, Samuel Lindholm Jr. reemerges from the woods of Question Mark with a fantastical tale and a severe illness.

By Theodore Johnson | May 22, 1941

In a bewildering development, Samuel Lindholm Jr., the young boy who vanished into the woods of Question Mark back in 1938, has returned after three long years. Found in a state of distress and suffering from severe dysentery, Samuel brought back with him a fantastical tale of survival and discovery.

According to Samuel, his time lost in the forest was marked by strange and extraordinary experiences. He recounted losing his compass early on, suffering a leg injury, and nearing the brink of death. In his direst moment, he described being guided by mysterious voices to a hidden waterfall, where he found a silver compass that eventually helped him navigate back to civilization.

Despite the compelling nature of Samuel's story, local law enforcement, including Police Chief Thomas Bradley, expressed skepticism. They suggest that the boy's account may be a product of his prolonged isolation and struggle for survival in the woods.

Samuel's unexpected return and his incredible narrative have captivated the community of Question Mark. While some residents are fascinated by his adventure and the map he brought back, others remain doubtful, viewing his story as a child's imaginative response to trauma.

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