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Das Fragezeichen-Schnitzelhaus Says Auf Wiedersehen

Beloved local German eatery closes amidst rising anti-German sentiment.

By Theodore Johnson | April 15, 1942

In a somber reflection of the times, Das Fragezeichen-Schnitzelhaus, a beloved local German eatery, has closed its doors. Owned by the Müller family since its opening in 1923, the restaurant was a staple in Question Mark, Ohio, known for its authentic German cuisine and warm hospitality.

However, the escalating war in Europe and growing anti-German sentiment have taken a toll. "It breaks our hearts to close," said owner Hans Müller. "We've always seen this place as a bridge between our two cultures, but these are very challenging times."

The closure reflects a bitter irony for many in the town. Hank Zeller, a regular patron who's known for his love of schnitzel and his patriotism, expressed his mixed feelings. "I love America, and I understand the tensions, but the Müller’s Schnitzelhaus was a piece of home for many. It's sad to see fear and politics strip that away.”

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