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Question Mark at War!

Residents show strong patriotism with long lines at local recruiting stations during World War II.

By Theodore Johnson | December 10, 1941

In the wake of the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, Question Mark, Ohio, has seen a remarkable surge in patriotism. Since the news of the attack reached our community, recruiting stations have been inundated with residents eager to enlist, many motivated by a desire to respond to the nation's call to arms. Lines of prospective recruits stretch around the town square, a physical manifestation of the town's collective resolve and commitment to the war effort including high school seniors Bill Reynolds and Willis Towns.

Local recruiting officer Lt. James Durn commented on the turnout: "The turnout has been incredible. The attack on Pearl Harbor, though far from here and in a place few of us could point out on a map, has profoundly moved our community. It's galvanized these men to take action, to stand up for our country."

Mayor Briff, moved by the town's collective spirit, stated, "The attack on Pearl Harbor has awakened a deep sense of duty in us all. I am proud of our community's response and am personally considering enlisting to serve our country in this critical time."

However, not all residents are convinced. Zip Wilson, a longtime skeptic in the town, expressed his doubts: "Hawaii? I'm not even sure that's a real place. Sounds like another story cooked up to get us into this war. It's all too convenient for the Germans."

This surge in enlistments has not only highlighted the town's dedication to the national cause but has also brought the community closer together. Families and neighbors can be seen offering support and comfort to those in line, while local businesses provide refreshments and other necessities, showcasing the town's united front in the face of global conflict.

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