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Child in Question Mark Mysteriously Disappears and Reappears

Tommy Pearson, eight, vanishes in the woods and reappears a week later with an extraordinary tale of encountering a 'Golden Man.'

By Nicolas Flynn | May 18, 1957

In a bizarre turn of events that has captured the attention of the Question Mark community, a young boy who mysteriously disappeared into the woods last week has been found safe and sound after eight days of worry for his parents and the local police. However, the story he brings with him has added an aura of mystery and intrigue to his disappearance.

The boy, eight-year-old Tommy Pearson, claims he saw a 'Golden Man' in the woods during the week he was missing. His mother, Alice Pearson, expressed her overwhelming relief and confusion at his story: "We're just so grateful to have Tommy back home safely. His tale is puzzling, but the important thing is he's safe."

Police Chief Thomas Bradley, while relieved at Tommy's safe return, expressed skepticism about the child's account: "We're glad that Tommy is back and unharmed. As for his story, kids have vivid imaginations, especially in stressful situations. We're not putting much stock in this 'Golden Man' story. We all grew up hearing similar stories at one time or another. We're turning our attention to investigating the circumstances of his disappearance."

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