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Lost Lake Drive-In Opens on Site of Former Sulfurous Pond

The opening of the Lost Lake Drive-In marks a new era of entertainment in Question Mark.

By Nicolas Flynn | June 15, 1955

In a remarkable and somewhat uncanny transformation, the site of the former sulfurous pond on East Avenue, which mysteriously disappeared in 1953, will now be home to the Lost Lake Drive-In. This new drive-in movie theater, opening its gates this afternoon, symbolizes a shift from a deadly past to an entertaining future for the residents of Question Mark.

The inaugural showing at the Lost Lake Drive-In is set to be a memorable one, featuring a double feature of the science fiction picture, It Came From Outer Space, and Walt Disney's enchanting Peter Pan. This combination promises to offer something for moviegoers of all ages.

The drive-in's name, Lost Lake, is a nod to the site's history, turning what was once a source of discomfort and avoidance into a place of gathering and enjoyment. Theater manager, B.J. Brant, expressed his excitement: "We've turned a once-unpleasant part of town into a destination for families and film enthusiasts. Opening night is just the start of what we hope will be many years of bringing joy and entertainment to the community. Who would have thought a dangerous site could be turned into a world of entertainment and joy?"

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