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Pink Circle Craze Sweeps Through Question Mark

Banner Plastics' new 'Pink Circle becomes a sensation in Question Mark, despite comparisons to the hula-hoop.

By Mary Johnson | July 10, 1958

The town of Question Mark, Ohio, is in the grip of a new craze, thanks to local manufacturer Banner Plastics' latest creation: the Pink Circle. While the product bears a resemblance to the ever-popular hula-hoop, it has quickly become a sensation in its own right, with residents of all ages embracing the fun and novelty of this vibrant toy.

"Yes, it's a circular plastic toy like the hula-hoop, and you can use it in a similar way. But our Pink Circle is an entirely different concept,” said George Banner, owner of Banner Plastics. “First of all, it’s pink. And secondly, this one can spin in both directions.”

The Pink Circle has been especially popular among children and teenagers, who are often seen twirling them around in parks, backyards, and even on the school playground. The circle’s distinct pink color has set it apart, making it a must-have item in Question Mark.

Seven-year-old Lily Hansen shared her enthusiasm with the Sentinel: "I love my Pink Circle! It's better than a regular hula-hoop because it's pink. It's my favorite color, and it makes it more fun to play with."

Local parent Mabel Vickery Dupree said, "My kids can't tell the difference between the Pink Circle and a hula-hoop. They just love playing with it. If it keeps them active and happy, that's all that matters to me."

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