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Mysterious Disappearance of Sulfurous Pond on East Avenue

The notorious sulfurous pond near County Route 54 in Question Mark vanished overnight, sparking discussions of redevelopment.

By Nicolas Flynn | September 10, 1953

The infamous sulfurous pond located on East Avenue near County Route 54 in Question Mark, Ohio, known for its pungent odor and deemed hazardous, vanished mysteriously overnight. The sudden disappearance of the pond, which was a source of both curiosity and concern for locals, has left the community baffled and searching for explanations.

While theories about the pond's abrupt disappearance range from natural sinkholes to more fantastical explanations, the prospect of repurposing the land has captured the town's imagination.

The area, once avoided due to the pond's toxic properties, is now the subject of speculative excitement. Local entrepreneur and member of the Town Council, Tom Dawson, voiced a popular idea: "Now that the pond's gone, I think this would be the perfect location for some sort of local development. Perhaps a motel? Or II heard someone mention a drive-in movie theater. Wouldn't that be something? A place where families can enjoy a film under the stars, right where that old stinky pond used to be."

Not everyone is ready to watch the latest film in the comfort of their automobile, however. Dr. Emil Forsythe, a local geologist, emphasized the need for a thorough scientific inquiry: "To be accurate, ponds don't just disappear overnight without an underlying cause. This could be a natural sinkhole event, or there may be other environmental factors at play. It's crucial that we understand the phenomenon before making any decisions to pave over the area. Ignoring the science could lead to unfortunate and unforeseen consequences.”

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