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Mysterious Occurrences at the Ames Estate

A local maid reports unusual behavior and alleged “Satanic” practices at the residence of the Ames family in 1969.

By Nicolas Flynn | June 15, 1969

In what can only be described as a chilling revelation, a maid employed at the stately residence of Franklin Ames, a prominent Question Mark businessman, has come forward with alarming allegations. According to her testimony, she has witnessed a series of bizarre and unsettling events within the Ames household, leading her to suspect involvement in Satanic practices.

The maid, who has requested anonymity for fear of retribution, detailed witnessing strange symbols and unorthodox rituals being performed in the privacy of the Ames home. She recounts unusual gatherings late at night, where cloaked figures were seen entering the estate. The sounds of chanting, coupled with the burning of unknown substances producing peculiar odors, have been frequently observed.

Franklin Ames, known for his philanthropic contributions and community involvement, has yet to respond to these allegations. The local police have stated that they are aware of the claims and are considering an investigation.

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