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First Lady Wears Ames Tannery Gloves During Historic Inauguration

Lady Bird Johnson dons gloves crafted from Ames Tannery leather on Air Force One during LBJ's inauguration, following JFK's assassination.

By Elizabeth Higgland | November 23, 1963

In a moment etched in American history, Lady Bird Johnson, accompanying her husband Lyndon B. Johnson on Air Force One, wore a pair of gloves made from leather crafted at the Ames Tannery in Question Mark, Ohio. This occurred during the solemn yet pivotal inauguration of LBJ as President, following the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The gloves, representing a blend of elegance and quality, were noted for their suppleness and fine craftsmanship. Franklin Ames, representing the tannery, expressed his pride in the product while acknowledging the nation's loss, stating, “We are deeply honored that the First Lady chose Ames Tannery gloves for such a historic occasion. Our leather is known for its suppleness and durability, qualities we strive for in every product. In this time of national mourning, our hearts and sympathies are with the Kennedy family.”

The choice of Ames Tannery gloves by the First Lady highlights the respected craftsmanship of Question Mark's local businesses. Yet, even amid this recognition, the somber context of the event was not forgotten, reflecting the nation's grief and the gravity of the moment in American history.

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