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Unexplained Lights in St. Casimir's Cemetery Stir Curiosity and Skepticism

Mysterious lights in St. Casimir's Cemetery in 1963 intrigue Question Mark residents, but the police chief suggests natural causes and warns against trespassing.

By Nicolas Flynn | October 31, 1963

The appearance of unexplained lights within St. Casimir's Cemetery last night has become the subject of much fascination and speculation in Question Mark, Ohio. Numerous residents have reported seeing ghostly illuminations, fueling a mixture of intrigue and apprehension.

Eyewitness and local librarian, Ellie Falls, described her encounter: "It was late, and I was passing by the cemetery when I saw these strange, glowing orbs moving between the observatory. It was unlike anything I've ever seen. Gave me quite a fright!"

However, Police Chief Thomas Bradley weighed in on the reports, expressing a more pragmatic view: "While these sightings are certainly interesting, they're almost certainly a natural phenomenon, like swamp gas or unusual reflections. We should be cautious not to jump to supernatural conclusions."

Chief Bradley also voiced concerns about the behavior these rumors might encourage: "We've heard reports of folks, possibly under the influence, wandering into the cemetery at night to catch a glimpse of these so-called ghost lights. Let's be clear: trespassing in the cemetery, especially at night and potentially intoxicated, is not only illegal but disrespectful and dangerous."

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