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A Decade Winless, Question Mark Enigmas' Football Struggles Continue

The Enigmas mark a decade without a victory, highlighting ongoing challenges in the team's efforts.

By Mary Johnson | September 16, 1964

The first day of school brings a less celebrated milestone for the Question Mark High School football team, the Enigmas, as they mark a decade without a single win. This persistent struggle on the field has become a defining, albeit disheartening, aspect of the team's identity in the small Ohio town.

Despite the ongoing challenges, the spirit and determination of the Enigmas remain unbroken. Head Coach Dale Sullivan stated, "It's been a tough road, no doubt. But these boys show up every day, give it their all, and never lose heart. That's something to be proud of. Also there’s very little else around here to rally around."

The team's continuous efforts, despite the long-standing lack of victories, have garnered a unique form of support and sympathy from the community. Local business owner and avid Enigmas fan, Gabby Henderson, shared her thoughts: "Sure, it's been a rough decade, but we love our Enigmas. They embody the true spirit of perseverance. We're behind them, win or lose."

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