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Tragedy at Lost Lake Drive-In. Young Lovers' Suicides Stir Community Grief

A series of suicides at the Lost Lake Drive-In, involving young lovers leaping into a toxic sulfur pool, has left the community of Question Mark in shock and mourning

By Nicolas Flynn | August 12, 1977

A pall of sorrow has descended over Question Mark, Ohio, as the community grapples with a series of several tragic incidents at the Lost Lake Drive-In. A number of young couples, bonded by love but seemingly engulfed in despair by current world events, have chosen to end their lives by leaping into the nearby poisonous sulfur pool. This latest tragedy involves nineteen-year-olds Benjamin Adams and Laura Driscoll, who only graduated from Question Mark High School one year ago.

The drive-in, a popular spot known for its scenic views and classic movie screenings, has now become the site of an alarming trend. The latest incident involved a young couple, found clasped in each other's arms as they succumbed to the lethal waters of the sulfur pool. This marks the third such case in just two months, turning a place of entertainment and romance into one of sorrow and mystery.

Authorities and mental health experts are deeply concerned about this disturbing phenomenon. They urge the community, especially its youth, to seek help and support in times of emotional turmoil. Efforts are underway to increase security around the hazardous area and to provide counseling services to those affected by these tragedies.

The series of suicides has not only left families and friends in mourning but has also stirred a sense of collective grief and incomprehension throughout Question Mark. Questions linger as the community seeks to understand the reasons behind these heartbreaking decisions, hoping to prevent further loss of young lives.

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