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Ames Tannery Closes After Over a Century in Question Mark

The historic Ames Tannery, a cornerstone of Question Mark's economy since 1868, shuts down, marking a significant loss for the community.

By Elizabeth Higgland | August 12, 1971

It was the end of an era as the Ames Tannery, a fixture in Question Mark’s industrial landscape since 1868, closed its doors today. The tannery, which began operations following a tragic fire at the Ames Rifle factory in 1866, was originally founded by Wilbur Ames, nephew of Lawrence Ames. Since Wilbur's death in 1944, his son, Franklin Ames had been at the helm, albeit amidst swirling rumors in recent years of his growing eccentricities and possible overindulgence.

The tannery's closure is not just a business loss but a fading of a significant piece of Question Mark's history. For over a century, Ames Tannery played a pivotal role in the town's economy, providing jobs and contributing to the community's identity. Its end marks a profound change for the residents, many of whom have familial ties to the establishment spanning generations.

The tannery's final days were clouded by whispers about Franklin Ames's alleged descent into the occult and increasing isolation. However, these rumors, never confirmed, add a layer of intrigue to the tannery's long and storied presence in Question Mark.

Mayor J. Clyde Peters commented on the closure, "The Ames Tannery has been a part of our town's fabric for more than a hundred years. Its closure is a significant loss for us all. We are grateful for its contributions and will seek ways to support those affected by this transition."

As the doors of Ames Tannery shut, Question Mark is left to grapple with the economic and emotional impact of losing one of its longest-standing businesses. The tannery's legacy, intertwined with the town's growth and history, will remain a topic of discussion and remembrance for years to come.

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