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Anson Ames Elected

Anson Ames becomes the new mayor of Question Mark, continuing the legacy of the prominent Ames family.

By Elizabeth Higgland | March 4, 1980

Last night marked a new chapter in the history of Question Mark, Ohio, as Anson Ames takes the helm as mayor, seven months after the removal of his predecessor, Mayor Francis Vreelander. This election not only fills the leadership void left by Vreelander's contentious departure but also brings a prominent local family back into the town's political spotlight.

The Ames family has deep roots in Question Mark, tracing back to Lawrence Ames, founder of the Ames Rifle factory, which was a significant employer in the town up to the Civil War. After a devastating fire in 1866 destroyed the factory, the family's legacy continued with Wilbur Ames' establishment of the Ames Tannery, a business that contributed to the town's economy until 1971.

Anson Ames, standing on the shoulders of his ancestors, expressed pride in his family's history and a determination to extend its influence. "My grandfather Wilbur built one of the most successful tanneries in the entire southeastern Ohio region and helped employ the town of Question Mark for more than a hundred years. I hope to continue his legacy through my recent victory," he stated.

As Mayor Ames steps into his new role, there is a sense of anticipation in Question Mark. With his family's long-standing involvement in the town's development, his leadership is expected to bring a blend of tradition and progress, shaping the future of our close-knit community.

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