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Birds Missing

Residents report a bizarre event where a large flock of martins vanished in a flurry of feathers.

By J. Davis McNamara | August 5, 1981

Yesterday, residents hiking in the Question Mark Woods experienced a strange and unexplained phenomenon. According to multiple eyewitness accounts, a large flock of martins, which were seen flying over the area, suddenly disappeared in what was described as an “explosion” of feathers. This bewildering incident has left the community searching for answers.

Joe Welling, a local who witnessed the event, shared his astonishment: "It was surreal. One moment, the sky was filled with these chirping martins, and the next, there was just a cloud of feathers and no birds in sight. I've never seen anything like it."

The bizarre occurrence has sparked a wave of speculation and concern in Question Mark. While some residents propose theories of natural predation or sudden environmental changes, others wonder if something more inexplicable is at play.

Wildlife experts and local authorities have been alerted and are looking into the matter. Dr. G. H. Williams, a biologist familiar with the area's avian population, expressed his confusion: "Mass disappearances of birds can happen, but the way these martins seemingly vanished is highly unusual and frankly, quite baffling. We're investigating, but as of now, it's a mystery."

However, Police Chief Barry Biddlebaum offered a more grounded perspective. "While it's an unusual event, it's likely a natural phenomenon. These instances, though rare, do sometimes happen in nature," he explained. “Or so Dr. Williams tried to explain to me. The world of nature operates all around us and yet we know so little.”

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