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Mysterious Sighting at Question Park

Visitors report a startling encounter with the 'Golden Man' in the Hall of Dazzling Glass.

By Jamison Spencer | June 15, 1987

The legend of the "Golden Man" was renewed this past weekend in Question Mark, Ohio, as visitors to Question Park were left both amazed and bewildered by an encounter that seemed to be ripped straight from the pages of a science fiction novel. In the Hall of Dazzling Glass, an attraction known for its intricate mirror mazes and optical illusions, witnesses reported seeing a figure that appeared to be a wounded spaceman, clad in a shimmering gold spacesuit.

Eyewitnesses shared that the figure was visible one moment and vanished the next, leaving onlookers in a state of shock and curiosity. "He seemed to be asking for help. It looked like he maybe had blood on his spacesuit," one visitor recounted, adding an eerie layer of mystery to the sighting. This description matches none other than the enigmatic "Golden Man," a figure that has become part of local folklore, with sporadic sightings reported over the decades but no concrete evidence to explain his origins or intentions.

In response to the latest sighting, Question Mark's Chief of Police Barney Bradley offered a more grounded explanation: "Every now and then, our local teens get a bit creative in seeking attention. It's likely just another elaborate prank. We have more pressing issues to attend to than chasing after ghost stories and folklore."

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