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The Green Fog Concludes Its Legendary Run

WCLA announces the end of 'The Green Fog,' a beloved action series produced in Cleveland, leaving fans like young Ronny Dublowski heartbroken

By Elizabeth Higgland | December 7, 1985

A wave of nostalgia and sadness swept across Ohio as WCLA announced the conclusion of The Green Fog, a television series that had captured the hearts of viewers since its debut in 1981. Produced in Cleveland, the show became a staple across the state, renowned for its thrilling action sequences and the crime-fighting duo of The Green Fog and Kid Fog.

For four years, families gathered around their televisions to watch the adventures unfold in a blend of suspense and heroism. The show's unique charm and engaging storyline made it a beloved part of Ohio's pop culture.

Among the show's most ardent fans is young Question Mark citizen and vice-president of the local Green Fog Fan Club, Ronny Dublowski, who was found in tears as the news broke. "I can't believe it's over. The Green Fog and Kid Fog are my heroes. Every week, I wait to see them save the day. It's like having to say goodbye to my best friends," he said, his voice trembling with emotion.

The series finale is set to air next month, promising to be an epic conclusion to a show that has not only entertained but also inspired a generation of young Ohioans. As fans like Ronny bid farewell to their heroes, The Green Fog leaves behind a legacy of excitement, adventure, and the timeless message of good triumphing over evil.

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