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Magic Show Mishap: Fire Engulfs QM Community Center

A magic show by teenagers Tim and Dave Holland leads to a tragic fire at the Question Mark Community Center.

By Jonathan Heywood | January 6, 1987

In a tragic turn of events, what was meant to be an entertaining evening at the Question Mark Community Center ended in disaster. Teenagers Tim and Dave Holland, aspiring magicians, inadvertently set the building ablaze during their magic show last night. The fire, which quickly engulfed the community center, has left the town in shock.

The young magicians, who had hoped to dazzle their audience with a spectacle of illusions, faced a harsh and unintended reality. One of the brothers, reflecting on the calamity, lamented, "I don’t think I’ll ever believe in magic again."

The fire at the community center not only marks a significant loss of a valued communal space but also serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of youth and the unforeseen consequences of risk-taking.

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