Sentinel by the Decade

The Question Mark Sentinel

Out of Darkness Comes the Light

Final Edition

A New Chapter for the Sentinel and for Question Mark

Samuel Lindholm Jr. announces his father's retirement and his new role as editor and publisher, reflecting on the past and looking to the future.

By Samuel Lindholm Jr. | April 15, 1981

As I take up the pen to write this editorial, I am acutely aware of the weight of legacy and the promise of the future. Today marks not only the retirement of my father, Samuel Lindholm Sr., the esteemed founder of The Question Mark Sentinel, but also my own appointment as the new editor and publisher of this cherished institution.

My journey to this moment has been anything but ordinary. In 1938, as a young boy, I mysteriously disappeared into the woods of Question Mark, returning three years later with a story that many found hard to believe. Among the few who never doubted me was my own father and for that I will always be grateful. His unwavering belief in my account, his commitment to questioning the conventional, commonly-accepted narrative, and his dedication to uncovering the truth have been the guiding principles of The Sentinel since its inception.

These principles are more than journalistic ethics; they are a testament to the spirit of Question Mark itself, a community that is unafraid to explore the uncertainty and beauty of the entire, unknown world. As the new steward of The Sentinel, I am committed to upholding this legacy. We will continue to be a platform for the people of Question Mark, a place where voices are heard, stories are told, and the powerful are held accountable.

In an era where the very nature of truth is often questioned, the role of a local newspaper like The Sentinel becomes even more vital. We will strive to be more than just a mirror reflecting the happenings of our town; we will be a lamp, casting light on the shadows and revealing the multifaceted truths of our community.

As we embark on this new chapter, I invite you, the readers and the heart of Question Mark, to join us in this journey. Together, let us explore, question, and understand the world around us. Here's to a future filled with curiosity, integrity, and relentless pursuit of the truth. As has been true since my father first penned it in 1932: Out of darkness comes the light.

The Question Mark Sentinel stands as a beacon of truth and a voice for the community. We are your newspaper, your neighbor, and your ally. Together, we write not just stories, but the history of Question Mark, Ohio. Join us as we continue to ask important questions and fearlessly seek the answers.