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Question Mark Galleria Project Falls Through, Land Sold for Waste Expansion

Funding collapse leads to the sale of the planned Galleria site to the Municipal Waste district for garbage dump expansion.

By J. Davis McNamara | September 22, 1989

Just two months after the buzz about the potential opening of the Question Mark Galleria on East Avenue, the project has hit a major setback. The ambitious plan for the shopping mall has collapsed due to a lack of funding. In a surprising turn of events, the land initially earmarked for the Galleria has been sold to the Municipal Waste district.

The district plans to use this newly acquired land for the expansion of the existing garbage dump, a decision that has stirred mixed reactions among the residents of Question Mark. This development marks a significant shift from the initial vision of a bustling commercial hub to a more utilitarian use of the space, impacting the town's landscape and future planning.

15-year-old Ronny Dublowski, who had been eagerly anticipating the opening of Sam Goody in the mall, shared his feelings with the Sentinel: "I'm really bummed about the Galleria not happening. It was something everyone was excited about, and now it's just going to be more garbage." Dublowski’s sentiment echoes the broader disappointment in the community as the vision of a new social and shopping hub gives way to a more pragmatic, yet less inspiring, development.

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