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Soldier's Remains Found in Question Mark

The discovery of a soldier's remains from the Seven Years' War during construction in Question Mark sparks historical intrigue and speculation.

By J. Davis McNamara | August 5, 1981

A remarkable historical discovery was made yesterday during the construction of the much-anticipated Question Mark Video Store. While digging the foundation for the new building, workers unearthed human remains believed to be that of a British soldier from the Seven Years' War. This find has particularly captivated the town, as it's widely known that a British regiment mysteriously disappeared in the Question Mark woods during that period.

The discovery at the construction site has led to speculation among locals and historians that these could actually be the remains of one of those missing soldiers. Construction worker Mike Newell, who was among the first to uncover the relics, said, "It was a pretty ordinary Wednesday until we dug up these bones and found an old rifle and hat. Knowing a little about the history of Question Mark myself, it boggles the mind to think we might have found one of the lost soldiers."

Dr. Beverly Sanders, a local historian, shared her insights on the find: "The Seven Years' War had a significant impact on this region. The legend of the missing British regiment has been part of Question Mark's lore for centuries. This discovery may be a crucial piece in solving that long-standing mystery."

The town council has temporarily halted construction to allow for a proper investigation and to determine the best way to honor and preserve this unexpected piece of history. Mayor Anson Ames commented, "This discovery is a solemn reminder of our town’s fascinating history. We're working closely with historians to ensure that this soldier's remains are treated with respect."

While the discovery has excited history enthusiasts, it has also caused concern among some residents eager for the video store's opening. Local resident Burt Peacock expressed his worries: "It's fascinating, sure, but I hope this doesn't mean a long delay for the video store. Everyone's been looking forward to it. I heard you can rent all kinds of interesting movies."

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