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Rippcord Rocks Winter Carnival, Guitarist's Strange Tale Follows

Hard rock band captivates at the Winter Carnival with their performance, followed by guitarist Randy Simms' brief, peculiar disappearance

By Jameson Spencer | January 21, 1989

The Winter Carnival yesterday was momentarily set ablaze by an electrifying performance of Rippcord, a hard-rock band from Columbus that has rapidly been gaining fame throughout Europe. On the second stage, amidst snowflakes and twinkling lights, the band delivered a set that was both powerful and poignant. Lead vocalist Johnny Blaze's robust voice, combined with Mick "Thunder" Rollins' dynamic drumming, created an unforgettable atmosphere. However, it was lead guitarist Randy Simms who stole the show with his masterful guitar solos, leaving the audience in awe.

In a strange twist, shortly after their stellar performance, Simms vanished for about six hours, sparking concern and confusion. Upon his return, he recounted an outlandish tale of encountering a seven-headed creature in the nearby woods. This bizarre claim, met with skepticism and whispers of a possible acid-induced hallucination, added a surreal edge to the night.

Despite the odd turn of events, Rippcord's performance at the Winter Carnival remains the highlight, celebrated for its energy and the undeniable talent of its members. Simms' strange disappearance and peculiar story have only amplified the buzz around the band, making this year's carnival an especially memorable one for the community of Question Mark, Ohio.

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