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Former Question Mark Officer Injured in Prison Incident

Troy Holland, a former Question Mark police officer imprisoned for corruption, was attacked in FCI Elkton following a dispute.

By Lynn Givens | April 22, 1998

Former Question Mark Police Officer Troy Holland, currently serving a ten-year sentence at FCI Elkton, was the victim of a violent attack yesterday. Holland, who was disgraced and imprisoned following a corruption scandal in 1995, suffered serious injuries after an unknown assailant threw battery acid in his face during a dispute in the prison's machine shop.

Sources close to the investigation revealed the altercation stemmed from a disagreement over money. Holland's involvement in the 1995 corruption scandal, which also led to the downfall of Mayor Thomas Biddlebaum's administration, was linked to extortion, bribery, and the grand theft of a truck carrying pseudoephedrine.

The scandal had exposed deep-rooted corruption within the Question Mark police force, shocking the local community and leading to significant changes in the department. Holland's conviction was a key outcome of the investigation, marking a turning point in efforts to combat corruption in local law enforcement.

The incident at FCI Elkton raises further questions about Holland's time in prison and the circumstances leading to the attack. Authorities at the facility are conducting a full investigation, while Holland receives medical treatment for his injuries. The attack adds another chapter to the ongoing story of Holland's fall from grace and the lingering impact of the scandal on the Question Mark community.

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