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New Era for Question Park Amusement Park and Petting Zoo

Thompson Zisk and Lee Milton invest heavily in modernizing Question Park, promising new attractions and exotic animals

By J. Davis McNamara | April 15, 1995

A significant transformation is on the horizon for Question Park Amusement Park and Petting Zoo, as it recently came under the joint ownership of Cell-Con CEO Thompson Zisk and Lee Milton, the owner of Southeast Ohio Manufacturing. These two local business magnates have decided to pool their life savings to revitalize this beloved community landmark.

Their ambitious plan involves modernizing the amusement park with cutting-edge rides and expanding the petting zoo to include more exotic animals. This overhaul aims to not only enhance the visitor experience but also to re-establish Question Park as a premier entertainment destination in Ohio.

Lee Milton, whose highly-regarded financial acumen helped to revitalize local manufacturing, made a light-hearted comment about his partner's financial skills. "Thompson's got great vision, but let's just say I'll be keeping a close eye on the purse strings," he chuckled. This remark hints at a dynamic partnership where Milton's financial prudence complements Zisk's ambitious plans.

Thompson Zisk, on the other hand, expressed his enthusiasm about the project's potential and shared a bold idea. "We're not just rejuvenating an amusement park, we're creating an opportunity. I'm considering opening up investment to the public. This isn't just an amusement park; it's a chance for exponential returns," he stated, highlighting his confidence in the project's success.

As Question Park embarks on this new chapter, the community eagerly anticipates its transformation, hoping it will bring a new wave of entertainment and economic growth to the area.

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