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Thompson Zisk, Business Mogul, Elected Mayor of Question Mark

CEO of Cell-Con and co-owner of Question Park, Thompson Zisk, wins last night’s election.

By J. Davis McNamara | November 5, 1997

Thompson Zisk, a prominent figure in the business community of Question Mark, Ohio, has been elected mayor. Zisk, known for his roles as CEO of Cell-Con, co-owner of Question Park Amusement Park and Petting Zoo, and owner of the flailing Ziskock Exotic Poultry, has stepped into the political arena with this recent victory.

In his victory speech, Mayor-elect Zisk stated, "I am thrilled and honored to serve the town that has been the cradle of my entrepreneurial journey. My experience in business has equipped me with the skills needed to lead our community towards growth and prosperity. I also hope this ends the many questions around the legitimacy of my financial empire, which as everyone can see, is completely sound."

However, not everyone shares the same optimism. Long-time resident and president of the Question Mark historical society, Jock Reynolds, commented, "I have my doubts. I hope Thompson Zisk can run the town better than his businesses. We've seen ups and downs with his ventures, and running a town requires a steady hand."

Thompson Zisk's election has certainly stirred conversations among the citizens of Question Mark. Many are curious to see how his business acumen will translate into civic leadership, while others remain cautiously optimistic about the future direction of the town under his guidance. The coming months will be telling as Mayor Zisk begins to implement his vision for Question Mark.

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