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Ziskock Exotic Poultry Launches in Question Mark

Thompson Zisk, CEO of Cell-Con, inaugurates Ziskock Exotic Poultry, focusing on peacock meat and a unique distribution model.

By J. Davis McNamara | May 17, 1993

In a bold entrepreneurial move, Thompson Zisk, the CEO of Cell-Con Industries, has ventured into the world of exotic meats with the opening of Ziskock Exotic Poultry. Located in Question Mark, Ohio, Ziskock introduces a unique business model centered around high-protein peacock meat and an opportunity for individuals to earn through building an expansive triangular distribution network.

Thompson Zisk, enthusiastic about his prospects, shared, "Peacock meat represents an untapped market with significant financial potential. Our model not only brings a new product to the table but also offers a lucrative opportunity for those interested in being part of a growing network."

However, this unconventional venture has its skeptics. Dr. Laura Simmons, a local Question Mark agricultural economist, expressed reservations, stating, "While innovative, the idea of investing heavily in peacock meat raises questions. Its market demand, pricing, and logistical aspects make it a challenging investment. The success of such a venture is not as straightforward as it might seem."

Five-year-old Cassie Parks said she did not look forward to seeing peacock on the menu at her favorite restaurant anytime soon. “Peacocks are pretty.”

With its unique approach and the controversy it stirs, Ziskock is set to either redefine the local meat market or serve as a cautionary tale in niche business ventures.

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