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Bookman's Music: A Harmonic Haven Opens

Question Mark welcomes a new addition to its cultural landscape with the opening of Bookman's Music, founded by former Matrixx lead singer Todd Bookman.

By Lynn Givens | April 15, 2001

Question Mark, Ohio, is humming a new tune with the opening of Bookman's Music this spring. The brainchild of Todd Bookman, former lead singer and keytarist of the once-chart-topping band Matrixx, the music store has already struck a chord with locals. Todd arrived in Question Mark with his girlfriend, Abigail, who is returning to her hometown, bringing along her talented partner to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey.

"It's a leap of faith, but music has always been about taking chances," Todd Bookman reflects. "Here at Bookman's Music, we're creating a space where music lives and breathes."

His storied past with Matrixx, whose hit "Ticking Away" reached #99 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1991, lends a unique credibility to his new venture. After the band dissolved in 1996, Todd's passion for music didn't wane; it simply awaited its next verse.

Local music enthusiast and customer, Kevin Rhodes, shared his excitement: "Having someone like Todd in our town is amazing. His experience in the music world brings something special to Question Mark. Music has always been such a key part of this town."

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