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Hilda Durn Triumphs at Marietta Area Garden Show

Local gardener's award-winning hostas symbolize resilience and hope amid personal loss.

By J. Davis McNamara | May 14, 2002

In a heartwarming victory at the Marietta Area Garden Show, local gardener Hilda Durn's hostas were awarded top honors, a testament to her dedication and green thumb. However, the win was bittersweet for Durn, who, when interviewed, tearfully shared the personal struggles shadowing her achievement.

Hilda, a long-time resident of Question Mark, has faced a challenging year following the loss of her beloved husband, Brandon, last year. The grief was palpable as she spoke, "These hostas... they're more than just plants to me. They're a connection to Brandon, to the life we shared. My children, they're busy with their lives, they don't call as much as they should. So, it's just me and my garden now."

Her garden, particularly the now prize-winning hostas, has become her solace and a symbol of her resilience. "Working in the garden helps me feel close to him. It's all I have left," she added, her voice a mixture of pride and sorrow.

Hilda's story struck a chord with many at the garden show, serving as a powerful reminder of the role gardening can play in healing and coping with loss. Her hostas, with their lush foliage and vibrant beauty, stood out not just for their aesthetic appeal but as a beacon of hope and perseverance.

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