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Barry Lindholm Joins Question Mark PD

Barry Lindholm, son of Sentinel editor Sam Lindholm Jr., becomes the newest police officer-in-training in Question Mark.

By Lynn Givens | January 8, 2004

Yesterday Question Mark, Ohio, witnessed the continuation of a prominent family's legacy of service, as Barry Lindholm, son of the esteemed Sentinel editor Sam Lindholm Jr., joined the ranks of the Question Mark Police Department as an officer-in-training. Barry's decision to enter law enforcement marks a new chapter for a family long associated with community involvement and public service.

Barry, acknowledging the legacy of his father and grandfather, expressed a humble desire to serve his hometown. "I am not as good with words or public speaking as my father or grandfather, so if it is all right, I will just leave it at that. I prefer to let my actions speak for me. I just want to serve this town the way my family always has,” he stated.

His appointment is seen as a continuation of the Lindholm family's commitment to the well-being of Question Mark. With a lineage deeply embedded in the town's journalistic and civic history, Barry's choice to pursue a career in law enforcement is both a personal and a public statement. His aspiration to let his actions speak reflects a dedication to upholding the values of integrity and service that have been synonymous with the Lindholm name.

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