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Apocalyptic Warning Disrupts Council Meeting

Tanner Pratt's ominous warning about the end of the world creates a stir at a Question Mark Town Council meeting.

By Lynn Davis | May 9, 2008

Last night’s Question Mark Town Council meeting took an unexpected turn when local resident Tanner Pratt interrupted proceedings with a dire warning of the end of the world. The outburst, which left council members and attendees in a mix of concern and confusion, added a dramatic flair to what was otherwise a routine meeting.

As Pratt was escorted out by members of the Question Mark Police Department, he continued his ominous proclamation. “I see seven points of light in a circle, and in the center of the circle is a purple light. Please. We have to do something now. Before it’s too late,” he urged.

Pratt's cryptic message, referencing a circle of lights with a distinct purple center, has sparked curiosity and speculation in the community. While some dismiss his claims as mere eccentricity, others recall the eerie encounter reported by Police Chief Thomas Bradley in 1940 involving hooded figures in the woods during a total eclipse, a historical event that has lingered in local lore.

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