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Investigating the Overdose Crisis: Is There a Local Connection?

Reporter Abigail Flynn delves into the escalating overdose deaths in southeastern Ohio, probing for a possible local link.

By Abigail Flynn | February 10, 2019

As the town of Question Mark and the entire southeastern Ohio region grapples with an alarming surge in drug overdose deaths, questions arise about potential local connections that may be contributing to this crisis. An ongoing Sentinel investigation, driven by both research and information from anonymous sources, suggests that there may be more to the story than meets the eye, particularly here in Question Mark.

The Ohio Department of Health's recent data paints a grim picture, with overdose deaths reaching near-record levels. In Question Mark, the pattern is similar, raising concerns about local drug activity and distribution networks that might be fueling this epidemic, especially among minors.

Through conversations with law enforcement officers, community members, and young people affected by addiction, a complex narrative is emerging. One anonymous source, closely connected to the drug trade, hinted at the presence of a well-organized network operating within Question Mark, potentially linked to the spike in overdoses. This anonymous underaged source claimed, “Everybody knows someone is selling bad stuff. I knew four kids who died but no one wants to talk about it because everybody knows this one person has very powerful friends.”

This information aligns with reports of increased seizures of oxycodone and methamphetamine precursors in the area as well as a recent fentanyl bust in nearby Marietta. Another underage Anonymous source within the drug community pointed to the over-prescription of painkillers Serving as a gateway to opioid addiction, which could be an important part of unraveling this Knot of recent, local overdoses.

Being a member of the Question Mark community, a journalist, and a parent, I will do Everything I can to reveal the truth of what is happening in town. As this investigation grows, the Need for a comprehensive approach to address the overdose crisis is becoming clear.

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