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Tragic Loss of Reporter Abigail Flynn Shocks Question Mark

Abigail Flynn, a prominent journalist in Question Mark, found dead in a suspected hit and run near Silver Pond, leaving the community in mourning.

By Ben Fortune | February 25, 2019

The town of Question Mark is in a state of shock and grief following the tragic death of Abigail Flynn, a Sentinel reporter and one of the town's bravest voices. Flynn, aged 45, was found dead on Sunday afternoon near the bridge overlooking Silver Pond on 1st Street, in what appears to be a fatal hit and run incident. Ms. Flynn’s body was discovered several feet from the road, covered in snow.

Abigail Flynn, known for her captivating reporting and recent investigations into the drug trade affecting small towns across the southeastern Ohio region, was a prominent figure in the community. Her sudden death has raised questions, with law enforcement not ruling out foul play due to her high-profile work and the nature of her reporting.

The location of Flynn's death, the intersection near the bridge, has been a longstanding safety concern. Hilda Durn, a local resident, recently expressed her worries at a Town Council meeting: "Something must be done about that dangerous intersection. People come flying in and out of town that way like it's a highway. I've seen many cats meet their ends at that spot."

Flynn is set to be buried in St. Casimir's Non-Denominational Cemetery, alongside her father, Nicolas Flynn, who was also a reporter for The Sentinel. The loss of Abigail Flynn has left a void in the heart of the Question Mark community, where she was not only respected for her journalistic integrity but also deeply loved for her commitment to speaking the truth and advocating for the less heard.

As the town mourns, efforts to understand the circumstances surrounding her untimely death continue, with many hoping for answers and justice in the wake of this profound tragedy.

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