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Death of Journalist Ruled Accidental

Following further investigation, authorities have ruled the death of Abigail Flynn as accidental, with no evidence of foul play.

By Lynn Givens | March 1, 2019

In a recent development, the Question Mark Police Department has officially ruled the death of Sentinel journalist Abigail Flynn as accidental. Flynn, whose body was found near the bridge on 1st Street overlooking Silver Pond, was initially suspected to have been the victim of a hit and run, potentially connected to her investigative work on the local drug trade.

After an exhaustive investigation, authorities have found no evidence suggesting foul play in Flynn's untimely demise. The absence of clear signs of criminal involvement has led investigators to conclude that her death was a tragic accident.

Despite this ruling, the Question Mark Police Department remains committed to finding more answers. Police Chief Gus Holt stated, "While we have ruled out foul play based on current evidence, our investigation continues. We owe it to Ms. Flynn and the community to explore every angle and provide a full account of what led to this tragedy."

The town of Question Mark is still reeling from the loss of one of its most prominent citizens. Flynn's impact as a journalist and community member was significant, and her death leaves a gap in the fabric of the town.

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