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Elizabeth Zisk Secures Fourth Term as Mayor of Question Mark

In a show of enduring support, Mayor Elizabeth Zisk is re-elected for a fourth term in Question Mark’s 2013 mayoral election.

By Lynn Givens | November 5, 2013

Mayor Elizabeth Zisk has been decisively re-elected for a fourth term in the 2013 mayoral election of Question Mark, Ohio, overcoming challenger Lee Milton, a local industrialist of some renown. Her continued dominance in local politics is a testament to the sustained support she enjoys from the community.

Reflecting on her re-election, Mayor Zisk stated, "As I said at yesterday’s rally, having all the money in the world does not make you a compelling leader. Or intelligent. Or handsome, for that matter. Once again, I am enthusiastic about leading us into another term of progress and innovation."

Mayor Zisk's tenure has been marked by significant achievements, including the expansion of the local public library and the introduction of technology-focused education initiatives in schools. These efforts have not only enhanced educational resources in Question Mark but have also positioned the town as a forward-thinking community in the region. Her fourth term victory is seen as an endorsement of her leadership style and her vision for the continued growth and prosperity of Question Mark.

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