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Devastating Fire Destroys Something Blue Bridal

Tragedy hits Question Mark's industrial corridor as an overnight fire razes the long-standing wedding dress factory. No lives lost, investigation is ongoing.

By Ben Fortune | September 22, 2022

A devastating fire has completely destroyed the Something Blue Bridal factory, located on the outskirts of the industrial district in Question Mark, Ohio. The factory, a beloved establishment operating for over twenty years and known for its elegant wedding dresses, was engulfed in flames late last night. Thankfully, the building was unoccupied at the time, and there were no injuries reported.

Fire Chief Elmore Driscoll commented on the incident: "Our team responded swiftly, but the fire had already consumed the building. Fire is a fearsome adversary. Due to its relatively isolated location, we were able to contain the blaze without it affecting nearby areas. We are currently investigating to determine the cause of the fire."

Something Blue Bridal, recently acquired by New Tomorrow Industries along with the surrounding land, has been a cherished part of the community, employing many local residents. With their forty-percent employee discount, the factory has been a favorite place of employment among recently graduated high schoolers and young women about to be married. The loss of the factory is not only a blow to the local economy but also to the many brides-to-be who had orders with the company.

Margaret Wood, a nineteen-year-old seamstress employed by Something Blue, remarked: “Everything seemed to slow down for a second, like time was stopping. And then the fire started.”

New Tomorrow Industries, which has been expanding its presence in Question Mark, now faces the task of dealing with the aftermath of this incident. As the investigation into the fire continues, the community looks on, hoping for a swift resolution and the rebuilding of what was lost.

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