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School Closures Extended Amidst Pandemic

Question Mark School District extends its closure, eliciting varied reactions and concerns from the community.

By Lynn Givens | March 29, 2020

Following the initial two-week closure, the Question Mark School District has announced that schools will continue to remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the near future. The decision reflects ongoing safety concerns and preventive measures.

Jennifer Holmes, a local parent, voiced her concerns, "How are we expected to work with our children at home all day? It's becoming increasingly ridiculous. Also I don’t like having to wear a mask just to get groceries or gasoline. I feel like I’m living in some other country."

Another resident, Mike Johnson, a sanitation worker and member of the Sons of Question Mark, a conservative club, expressed skepticism, "I'm starting to think this is all just a hoax, just like the President suggests. I mean how is this any worse than a cold?"

Bruno Ellis, a sanitation worker known for communicating through pictograms, shared a series of images illustrating enhanced cleaning routines, emphasizing the importance of hygiene and safety in these challenging times, posting several signs up around Town Hall. Other public officials and workers seemed to ignore it.

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