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A High-Tech Haven for Cherished Pets to Open in Question Mark

New Tomorrow Industries introduces Foreverland Pet Refrigeration in Question Mark, a futuristic facility offering cryogenic preservation for furry friends.

By Ben Fortune | September 20, 2022

Question Mark, Ohio, will become home to Foreverland Pet Refrigeration, an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art facility designed to preserve our beloved four-legged friends indefinitely. This innovative venture, brought to the community by the relatively-unknown New Tomorrow Industries, promises to bring cutting-edge technology to pet care when it opens late next March in 2023.

Foreverland is a futuristic wonder where cherished pets can be cryogenically preserved, offering pet owners a unique way to keep their furry companions close to their hearts forever. The facility boasts advanced refrigeration technologies, ensuring a safe and secure environment for these precious animals.

Local dog mom, Emily Nguyen, expressed her excitement: "The idea of keeping our little buddies with us, even after they've passed, is so comforting. Foreverland feels like something out of a sci-fi movie, but for pet lovers!"

Darby Cline, a spokesperson for New Tomorrow Industries, shared, "Foreverland Pet Refrigeration combines heartfelt care with high-tech solutions. It's a place where love for our pets meets the wonder of science. We're excited to offer this one-of-a-kind service to the Question Mark community."

The grand opening of Foreverland in 2023 is eagerly anticipated by pet owners in Question Mark, who see the facility as a groundbreaking and heartwarming addition to the town.

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