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Mysterious Purple Light Scares Teens from 'Ghost Gap'

An eerie encounter in Question Mark Woods leaves local teenagers rattled.

By Lynn Davis | July 25, 2022

A group of Question Mark teenagers experienced an unexpected fright last night, turning their casual hangout at the 'Ghost Gap,' a deep crevasse in Question Mark Woods known locally by its ominous nickname, into an evenig they won't soon forget. This secluded spot, popular among teens for its privacy away from the prying eyes of parents and authorities, became the stage for a chilling encounter.

Witnesses report a pulsating purple light, adorned with electric tendrils that seemed to move with an otherworldly energy, which sent the group into a panic, fleeing from the scene. The origin of this eerie phenomenon has become the center of wild speculation, ranging from natural atmospheric conditions to something far more paranormal.

In response to the teenagers' claims, Chief of Police Gus Holt offered a skeptical viewpoint, suggesting a more earthly explanation for the sighting. "Considering what those kids get up to out there at 'Ghost Gap,' it's no surprise they're seeing things. A combination of darkness, imagination, and, let's be honest, whatever they're smoking, probably led to this so-called purple light. Case closed.,"

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