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Night Sky Illuminated by Mysterious Silver Light

A curious silver light spotted near the Question Mark Motel sparks speculation among residents.

By Ben Fortune | September 12, 2022

In a peculiar celestial occurrence last night, residents in the vicinity of the Question Mark Motel reported seeing a strange silver light rising from the pool. The motel, known for both its discretion and mirrored suites, often attracts couples seeking a private getaway. Witnesses described the light as a brief, shimmering circular flash that rose from the center of the pool and then disappeared, igniting a flurry of conjecture among locals.

Given the motel's somewhat torrid reputation, some residents have playfully suggested that the sighting might be more related to its mirrored walls than extraterrestrial phenomena. Chief of police Gus Holt joked, "Maybe it's just the stars aligning for some of the motel’s more amorous guests. True love can be quite blinding."

Amidst the speculation, Ludlow Richards, one of the motel's owners, has announced the closure of the motel's pool, a decision influenced not only by the mysterious sighting but also by recent complaints regarding poolside nudity. "In light of the recent events and to address some concerns raised by our guests,” Richards said, “we've decided to temporarily close the pool. We strive to maintain a respectful and enjoyable environment for all our patrons."

While the true nature of the silver light remains a topic of debate, the consensus in Question Mark leans more towards earthly and romantic explanations. As for the motel's guests, they seem unperturbed, continuing to enjoy their stays under the possibly star-crossed Question Mark sky.

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