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Towns Brothers Arrested for Drug Offenses in Question Mark

Titus and Judah Towns face charges for drug possession and intent to distribute, with community speculation about a link to reporter Abigail Flynn's death.

By Ben Fortune | September 12, 2020

In a significant development, Question Mark Police Department has arrested Titus Towns, aged twenty-four, and his younger brother Judah, aged eighteen, on charges of drug possession and intent to distribute. The arrest occurred in the Question Mark woods near the Infinite Circle burial mound, where the pair were caught attempting to bury packages of oxycodone and materials presumed to be used for methamphetamine production.

The Towns brothers are scheduled for arraignment tomorrow in Marietta. This case has garnered significant attention, particularly because it ties into the broader issue of drug-related activities escalating in the region.

Compounding the interest in this case is the community's speculation about a possible connection between the Towns brothers and the death of Sentinel journalist Abigail Flynn. Flynn, known for her investigative reporting on the increase in drug-related deaths in southeastern Ohio, was found dead near 1st Street last year in what appeared to be a fatal hit and run.

While police have not officially linked the Towns brothers to Flynn's death, the nature of their alleged crimes and the connection to Ms. Flynn’s reporting has fueled speculation among local residents. Many in Question Mark are keenly following the developments, wondering if this arrest might shed light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic loss of Ms. Flynn.

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