Sentinel by the Decade

The Question Mark Sentinel

Out of Darkness Comes the Light

Final Edition

Selections from the 1930s

Time Stands Still? Local Inventor's Bold Claim

James Quinn alleges his antique pocket watch can pause time, sparking curiosity and skepticism.

October 21, 1939

Son of The Sentinel Editor and Publisher, Young Samuel Lindholm Jr. Goes Missing in Question Mark Woods

Eight-year-old Samuel Lindholm Jr. has been reported missing after last being seen near the woods of Question Mark.

June 4, 1938

Reginald Willey Jr. Jr.'s Enigmatic Latest Project

Reginald Willey Jr. Jr. sparks intrigue with a mysterious million-dollar venture.

September 5, 1937

Smokestacks Rise Over Question Mark

Amidst widespread economic struggles, Reginald Willey, Jr. Jr.'s decision to erect massive smokestacks for Willey Envelope stirs controversy and debate in the community.

August 10, 1936

A Timely Gift from Willey Jr. Jr.

Reginald Willey, Jr. Jr., continues his family's legacy by donating a substantial sum for the repair of Question Mark's iconic clock tower, first erected by his great-grandfather.

July 15, 1935

Wilbur Ames Hosts Renowned Spiritualist

The Ames Mansion hosts a sensational seance led by the exotic spiritualist Madame Zara, attempting to contact the late Lawrence Ames.

October 24, 1933

Bureau of Investigations Stakeout at Williamson Farm

Stakeout stirs up local intrigue over a mistaken identity involving the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case.

May 22, 1933

Depression Hits Willey Envelope

The nationwide depression has severely impacted Willey Envelope Factory, Question Mark's largest employer, leading to layoffs and economic hardship.

February 15, 1933

Golden Man or Moonshine Mirage? Skepticism Over Local Sighting

Question Mark's 'Golden Man' sighting chalked up to moonshine effects by skeptical police chief, dividing town opinion.

July 13, 1932

Shining a Light on Question Mark's Shadows

Samuel Lindholm Sr. outlines the mission of the Question Mark Sentinel in his inaugural editorial.

July 4, 1932

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