Sentinel by the Decade

The Question Mark Sentinel

Out of Darkness Comes the Light

Final Edition

Selections from the 1970s

Mayor Vreelander Ousted by Town Council

The Town Council removes Mayor Francis Vreelander from office amidst local crises and controversies.

August 7, 1979

University of Ohio Extension Campus Unveils Experimental Crop Station in Question Mark

July 15, 1979

Lost Lake Drive-In's Adults-Only Pivot Sparks Outrage

May 12, 1979

Timm Anderson Shatters Local High School 1500m Record

In an astonishing display of speed and endurance, Timm Anderson, a senior at Question Mark High School, broke the local high school record in the 1500m race.

April 8, 1979

Tragedy at Lost Lake Drive-In. Young Lovers' Suicides Stir Community Grief

A series of suicides at the Lost Lake Drive-In, involving young lovers leaping into a toxic sulfur pool, has left the community of Question Mark in shock and mourning

August 12, 1977

Main Street Expansion Leads to Relocation of St. Sebastian’s Cemetery

June 18, 1975

Franklin Ames, Heir to Ames Tannery, Passes Away

April 15, 1975

Miami University Scientists Probe So-Called Quantum Anomalies in Question Mark Woods

June 3, 1974

Tragedy Strikes Question Mark High: Sinkhole Causes Season Forfeit and Loss of Lives

The 1973 football season at Question Mark High is abruptly ended by a catastrophic sinkhole, dampening high hopes for the Enigmas' first win.

September 21, 1973

Marathon Bowling Showdown at Question Mark Lanes, Little Jim Reynolds Triumphs

April 6, 1973

Valor and Sacrifice: A Soldier’s Homecoming

June 29, 1972

Ames Tannery Closes After Over a Century in Question Mark

The historic Ames Tannery, a cornerstone of Question Mark's economy since 1868, shuts down, marking a significant loss for the community.

August 12, 1971

PFC Jock Reynolds Returns Home from Vietnam, Embraced by Question Mark Community

Private First Class Jock Reynolds, a native son of Question Mark, Ohio, returned home this week after serving in the Vietnam War, to a heartfelt welcome from the community.

July 9, 1971

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