Sentinel by the Decade

The Question Mark Sentinel

Out of Darkness Comes the Light

Final Edition

Selections from the 1950s

Lost Lake Drive-In Makes a Triumphant Return

Reopening after a tragic incident, the Lost Lake Drive-In in Question Mark now features new safety measures and a special tribute to past victims.

May 20, 1959

Pink Circle Craze Sweeps Through Question Mark

July 10, 1958

Parking Lot Collapse Leads to Loss of Lives

August 10, 1957

Child in Question Mark Mysteriously Disappears and Reappears

Tommy Pearson, eight, vanishes in the woods and reappears a week later with an extraordinary tale of encountering a 'Golden Man.'

May 18, 1957

Question Park Amusement Park Brings Excitement to Town

June 12, 1956

Lost Lake Drive-In Opens on Site of Former Sulfurous Pond

The opening of the Lost Lake Drive-In marks a new era of entertainment in Question Mark.

June 15, 1955

Question Mark High School Debuts with Advanced Facilities and Community Hopes

September 15, 1954

Mysterious Disappearance of Sulfurous Pond on East Avenue

The notorious sulfurous pond near County Route 54 in Question Mark vanished overnight, sparking discussions of redevelopment.

September 10, 1953

Question Mark Welcomes Home Korean War Veterans and Opens New Veterans Hall

July 18, 1953

Mr. Freeze-E Ice Cream Makes a Sweet Entrance in Question Mark

Newly opened Mr. Freeze-E Ice Cream near downtown Question Mark delights locals with its unique flavors and whimsical giant ice cream cone.

June 23, 1952

Town Hero Goes Missing

Colonel Crackerjack, the celebrated war hero dog, vanishes in Question Mark woods, leaving the community anxious.

July 18, 1951

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