Sentinel by the Decade

The Question Mark Sentinel

Out of Darkness Comes the Light

Final Edition

Selections from the 1960s

Moon Landing Skepticism Surfaces in Question Mark

A local resident's dramatic protest against the moon landing sparks debate in Question Mark.

July 17, 1969

Mysterious Occurrences at the Ames Estate

June 15, 1969

A Decade Winless, Question Mark Enigmas' Football Struggles Continue

The Enigmas mark a decade without a victory, highlighting ongoing challenges in the team's efforts.

September 16, 1964

Beatlemania Revives Old Fears

July 16, 1964

First Lady Wears Ames Tannery Gloves During Historic Inauguration

Lady Bird Johnson dons gloves crafted from Ames Tannery leather on Air Force One during LBJ's inauguration, following JFK's assassination.

November 23, 1963

Unexplained Lights in St. Casimir's Cemetery Stir Curiosity and Skepticism

October 31, 1963

DDT Use on Local Farms Sparks Controversy in Question Mark

The 1962 publication of Silent Spring raises concerns in Question Mark about DDT use on farms, amidst rumors of a Russian plot.

October 15, 1962

The End of an Era: Reginald Willey Jr. Jr. Passes, Leaving Legacy in Dispute

The death of Reginald Willey Jr. Jr. marks the end of an era, as his sons engage in a dispute over his will and the future of the historic Willey Envelope.

September 14, 1961

Locals Gather at Dump for Space Viewing

Question Mark residents gather at a local dump to catch a glimpse of Soviet cosmonaut orbiting Earth, with mixed results.

April 13, 1961

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