Sentinel by the Decade

The Question Mark Sentinel

Out of Darkness Comes the Light

Final Edition

Selections from the 1990s

End of an Era—Question Mark Lanes Closes Its Doors

In a move that marks the end of an era, the beloved Question Mark Lanes, a local bowling alley and community landmark since the 1960s, has officially closed its doors.

November 23, 1998

Former Question Mark Officer Injured in Prison Incident

April 22, 1998

Elizabeth Zisk Appointed Mayor, Following Husband’s Tragic Death

Following the death of Mayor Thompson Zisk, his wife Elizabeth steps into his role, marking a new chapter for Question Mark.

April 15, 1998

Thompson Zisk Laid to Rest in St. Casimir's Non-Denominational Cemetery

March 15, 1998

Tragic Fire at Cell-Con Factory, Thompson Zisk Hospitalized

March 4, 1998

Dangerous spill at Cell-Con Factory Casts Green Cloud Over Question Mark

February 18, 1998

Thompson Zisk, Business Mogul, Elected Mayor of Question Mark

November 5, 1997

Gabrielle Winstead Sets Record with 100 Consecutive Bingo Wins

In an astonishing display of luck and strategy, local resident Gabrielle Winstead has set a remarkable record by winning one hundred consecutive Bingo games from March to May, a feat never before seen in the history of the game.

April 28, 1996

Cell-Con Owner Under Federal Scrutiny for Alleged Hazardous Practices

Thompson Zisk faces a federal investigation over environmental concerns

March 15, 1996

Question Mark Police Officer Sentenced in Corruption Scandal

Officer Troy Holland receives a ten-year prison sentence for his role in a corruption scandal that has shocked Question Mark and led to Mayor Biddlebaum's administration's end.

November 30, 1995

New Era for Question Park Amusement Park and Petting Zoo

April 15, 1995

Ziskock Exotic Poultry Launches in Question Mark

Thompson Zisk, CEO of Cell-Con, inaugurates Ziskock Exotic Poultry, focusing on peacock meat and a unique distribution model.

May 17, 1993

Eastwood Circle: A New Vision of Luxury in Question Mark

June 15, 1992

Cell-Con Plant Opens in Question Mark, Bringing Cellular Technology to Ohio

The opening of the Cell-Con cellular telephone factory is celebrated by Ohio's Governor as a technological milestone.

June 20, 1991

Silver Flash Seen Near Question Park

Authorities attribute the sudden flash of light near Question Park to meteorological causes.

August 3, 1990

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