Sentinel by the Decade

The Question Mark Sentinel

Out of Darkness Comes the Light

Final Edition

Selections from the 1940s

Grimsby Towns Returns

After vanishing for a year, Grimsby Towns shares an incredible tale of survival and the supernatural.

June 22, 1949

Unidentified Light in Question Mark Woods Stirs UFO Speculation

A mysterious light observed in the woods of Question Mark last night has residents drawing parallels to the recent incident in Roswell, New Mexico.

July 15, 1947

Power Plant Worker Electrocuted

Grimsby Towns, a worker at the East Avenue power plant, survives a severe electrocution.

January 14, 1946

Question Mark Welcomes Home War Heroes

September 10, 1945

Hero Dog Comes Home

June 22, 1945

Question Mark Battles Polio Outbreak

Youth at risk, healthcare and schools under pressure.

June 20, 1944

Ames Tannery Welcomes Women to Its Workforce For First Time

August 12, 1943

Das Fragezeichen-Schnitzelhaus Says Auf Wiedersehen

Beloved local German eatery closes amidst rising anti-German sentiment.

April 15, 1942

Question Mark at War!

December 10, 1941

Missing Boy Returns After Three Years

Three years after his disappearance, Samuel Lindholm Jr. reemerges from the woods of Question Mark with a fantastical tale and a severe illness.

May 22, 1941

Eclipse Unveils Mysterious Gathering

Police Chief Thomas Bradley reports an eerie encounter with hooded figures in the woods during the recent total eclipse.

April 23, 1940

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